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Happy Birthday Hawk!!

Wishing you a great day :) 

Dec. 10th, 2015

I've not posted for a heck of long time - but hey - life and all that.  I just thought I would introduce you to my furry nephew and niece. First we have Harri - a total snuggle bug and big brother to Heidi (second pic) - who has the most amazing blue eyes! Siberian Huskies ROCK!!!   I regularly puppysit these two for my brother and his wife - and love every single minute in their company!  More pics to come :)

Happy Birthday HAWK SOARING!!!!

Have an absolutely awesome day!!

Happy Birthday HAWK SOARING!!!!


Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!!  With much love and big hugs :)



Two wild orcas have been captured by Russian hunters, and are on their way to be displayed in a dolphinarium at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

White Sphere, the Russian company behind this, is just looking to make a fast buck from the tourists who will be descending on to Sochi during the Games. It couldn't care less that the orcas were stolen from their ocean home.

The mammals, which can grow up to 22ft long and swim 100 miles a day, are set to be kept in a “small concrete tank” after a 4,614-mile flight from the far east of Russia. Animal experts say that transporting orcas causes them stress, that keeping them in ­captivity shortens their life and can even turn them “psychotic”.

Tell White Sphere not to display the wild orcas, and release them back into the ocean where they belong.



Happy Birthday Hawk!! ;)

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!! Have a wonderful funfilled day!! 

I love Michael Weatherly ;)

Thanks to MW on Twitter, he's just uploaded this link that will take you to a land of.....OMFG Dinozzo Hotness....I think MW's been reading some G/T slash because this looks remarkably like a rather wonderful fanfic someone wrote not too long ago.....oh...better bring a mop, a ton of ice and plenty of THUD pillows...you'll need 'em! ;)


Meet Ziggy...;)


his is Ziggy...my neighbours cat.   He's a real scaredy cat....but after nearly a year he is finally getting used to me.  In the beginning, you only had to look in his direction and he would take off like a bullet!! But now, if I see him on the shed roof or on the fence he will come when I call him...he's brave enough now to come indoors and have a sniff around and maybe he'll take a nap, but only if he can see the back door ajar and his escape route is clear.  He appears at about noon at the back door when I'm not working and then 6pm precisely the rest of the time...maybe soon I'll get the raised tail greeting - but head bonks and nose boops are a long way off just yet..but I'm happy he's getting more and more used to me now...so who knows...

My Dr Who Experience Experience!!

So, where to start!  Arrived with friends Emma, Bex and Jay - so excited and delighted to finally be experiencing the Experience.  Its located right next to the Torchwood Hub which was cool!  I was standing on the spot where *you can't be seen* shouting *can you see me? Can you see me??*  Couple of blokes walked past and gave me funny looks so I just waved.  They waved back - so dagnabit, I could be seen....anyhoo...I digress...

The foyer of the Experience is filled with goodies...Jon Pertwee's car Bessie, a yellow Dalek, bits of a Cyberman...and more importantly, River's Diary and a pair of gorgeous shoes which I think came from the Weeping Angels in the spaceship episode.  So...we were soon lined up and ready to go.  

First off is an interactive adventure with Dr Eleven.  He's stuck in the Paradox Box thing and is in contact with us via a screen...he starts shouting out for Amy and Rory and then when he realises we're not them he shrugs his shoulders and says fine, if all I can get hold of is a bunch of *shoppers* we'll have to do....;)  So...on we go into another room - Eleven's Tardis and we get to fly it!! Woohoo!!!! Then we're taken prisoner by some Daleks...until Eleven informs them that we're not really what the Daleks are looking for...we're a low sub species of human known as shoppers...and not much use...;)  And then we're treated to a 3D trip forward in time and then back and then....yay! We've saved Eleven and ourselves.

Now we get to the nitty gritty...and I want to start here by saying I was really disappointed that there was absolutely NO MENTION or even a costume as a nod to the wonderfully bonkers John Simm's Master!!  Boohoo!!!  My first stop?? David Tennants costume which was fondled and caressed lovingly by myself....damn that coat he wore is bloody heavy!!  And he RAN in it???  Then...there is was...Captain Jacks uniform and coat...the butt of said coat was lingeringly fondled and drooled over...again...a very very heavy coat...Face of Bo got a big hug...or should I say, his jar got a hug...a great display of Cybermen through the years...boy have they changed a lot!!   Sontarans too....and then we come to my personal favourite...the Ood!!  So cute.  The technicalities of making the Ood heads move is quite staggering....a great display showing from first drawing to the final head was amazing...Sonic Screwdrivers abounded and I hugged a Dalek too....and I would also mention the waxwork of Matt Smith is incredibly lifelike!  It really was a Dr Who fan's idea of heaven!!  So much to see and do...we had to have been there at least 2 and a half hours - more even!  They had costumes from all the Drs - even the assistants - which reminds me...the new girl who's joining the show at Christmas..we saw her costume from the last episode aired a few weeks ago and she is absolutely tiny!!!  Along side the Dalek in chains...weeping angels peeking out at you too...dammit, they are scary...as were the cherubs gathered at their feet...hackles were up here...they look okay on tv..but for real...they are really really frightening.  And as for Davros...dear heavens he is amazing....the intricate detailing of his mask/makeup..down to the teeny tiny details of his *dashboard*...staggering!!  

They've also rigged up Tens' Tardis within the Exhibition - and it was just....I was away in squee land....until I noticed a screen at the back showing Ten's final words and reincarnation...and that made me sad...*I don't want to go*...*sniffle*...but at least I got hands on...;)  but the sadness didn't last long..so much to look at and squee over...;)

The Experience really is an experience...I would recommend it to anyone...and the size of the place!  They've got plenty of room to keep adding and adding...so in say 5 years time...it'll be even more amazing as the show goes from strength to strength...I have loved Dr Who since I was a wee nipper and will continue to love and enjoy it....(even more now since it is no longer the Amy Pond Show)....and exhibitions like this will keep the memories strong!!!  A fabulous day out!!!!




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